Zero upfront costs,
No Subscription.

Unlike other comparison sites, Threadlet doesn't receive any commissions from energy retailers. Our revenue comes from a portion of the savings we generate for you.


Money saving solutions, 
built for business

Whether you're a corporate hospitality group, a multi-site franchisee owner or a small business, Threadlet saves you time and money.

Zero up-front or 
ongoing costs, just save!

No lock ins or hidden fees. Start saving with Threadlet today and enjoy transparent savings each month at zero cost to you.

Auto-switching to the best available rates

Automatically switch to the lowest energy prices for every venues so you're always on the best rates.

Leverage the group buying power of 1000’s of venues.

Access wholesale energy prices with group buying power from over 37 energy retailers and save money on your energy bills.

Savings Split Model

Unlike energy brokers, our saving-split model means we only make money when we save you more money, so our only incentive is to find you better prices.

There’s no out-of-pocket cost for you, we only share the savings if we can beat your prices. And as we grow we continue getting better-than-market prices to save you even more.

We handle all the comparisons and switches so it’s completely automated for you.

It’s a win-win and a partnership built for the long-term.

Don't overpay for your Gas & Electricity.

Don't let high gas and electricity bills drain your budget. Take control of your energy expenses today by getting your estimate and discovering how you can stop overpaying and start saving.

No favourites, no commissions. 
We work with any retailer.

Unlike other comparison sites, Threadlet doesn't receive any commissions from energy retailers. Our revenue comes from a portion of the savings we generate for you. This allows us to work with ANY retailer, and allows us to source the lowest prices possible.

Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about Threadlet and how it can save you money on your energy bills.

We find and keep you on the best electricity rates from all 37+ energy retailers. We compare every offer with your usage, then use our group buying power for better-than-market prices.

We act as the authorised representative on behalf of your business. So we can make changes to the energy accounts after you give us consent. We will never make any changes to the accounts unless we have your explicit confirmation.

All you do is send your latest bills and we do the rest. We do all the switching, zero work is required from you. Just one supplier that gives you the best price every month.

Once we link with your account, we let you know that there's a cheaper rate available for your property. We then make the switch for you so you have peace of mind that you're always on the best rate.

No! Unlike other comparison sites, Threadlet is not paid by any retailers so you are getting the genuine best rates on the market. Instead, we make money from a portion of your savings so we're motivated to always save you more.

Threadlet will send you one simple invoice every month which will ensure your electricity supply and our monthly 'review and switch' service to maximise your savings and keep electricity costs as low as possible. You can choose a monthly invoice or automatic direct debit, which some retailers offer discounts for.

No, all the small business plans have no lock-in so you can stop the service or change retailer any time. We guarantee the best price so if you find a better one let us know and we'll move you straight across!