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See how Blue Hippo saves almost $20,000 a year.

We refuse to take commissions.
Our revenue comes from a portion of the savings we make you.
So our only goal is to maximise your savings.
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Automated switching

With dozens of retailers and 100s of deals, we proactively switch you to the best rate every month.

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Streamlined invoicing

We manage your account and simplify your energy invoices to make bill payments fast and painless.

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Split savings model

Our promise - we only make money when we save you money so we're motivated to find you the best rates.

Spend more time on your business

Not on the phone with energy companies

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We compare every energy offer on the market based on your usage patterns. We guarantee we'll find you the best rates on the market.

Start saving, continue saving

We compare and switch all of your energy plans for you — guaranteeing you the best price every month.

Best Electricity Deals
Compare Electricity Rates
Say goodbye to energy company calls

We invoice you directly so we can switch you automatically and fix any mistakes retailers make on your bill. Free up dozens of your work hours without lengthy contracts.

What Our Customers Say

"I'm sticking with you guys. You do your best to give me the best discounts and I would not have switched to you if I didn't trust you and the choices you will make for our business."


Kamakas Seafoods

"I think Threadlet has a huge amount of potential driven by people who don’t want to accept the industry norm of signing up to an electrical company and forgetting about it."


MRC Performance

"We always have the best available gas and electricity plans. It saves our business time and money – two of our most valued commodities."


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Streamline your business

Guaranteed Savings
as a Service

We manage the account switches and invoicing, so you can spend more time working on your business, not in your business.

Peace of mind

We're not paid by
big retailers

So you can be sure we'll find you the best deal. We will never take a commission from retailers like other comparison sites. Be confident in your personal energy account manager.

On the cheapest prices guaranteed

Avoid loyalty taxes

Retailers have two plans. The Market Offer they advertise to you, with a great price. Then, retailers will switch you to a Standing Offer (the expensive plan), whenever they want. We put control back in the hands of business owners.

Frequently Asked Questions

We find and keep you on the the best electricity rates from all 29 Energy retailers. We analyse your electricity usage patterns, compare every retailer market offer using our unique model, and make the switches for you.

To link your account for the first time, we find you the best electricity offer and - with your approval - switch your energy retailer. From then on, we review your rates every month and automatically switch you to the cheapest offer available (if it's cheaper than your current plan).

We act as the authorised representative on behalf of the business and can make changes to the energy accounts providing the client has confirmed we can do so. We will never make any changes to the accounts unless we have your explicit confirmation.

We compare every retailer in the Australian energy market, 29 retailers in total. We don't have affiliations with any retailers.

Once we link with your account, we let you know that there's a cheaper rate available for your property. We then make the switch for you so you have peace of mind that you're always on the best rate.

Retailers are constantly changing their prices so to make sure you're never paying too much it's worth checking and updating as often as possible.

Our vision is to be your commercial energy account manager, without you spending any time or money. Zero emissions, zero fees, zero bills - all on autopilot.

We don't stop at electricity comparison, we're always finding more ways to lower your energy bills, including reviewing your tariffs and helping you find the optimal solar system.

Compare energy retailers, review tariffs, install solar, all for 'free'.

Not necessarily, however if there is a cheaper rate available when we review your rates every month we will switch you to maximise your savings.

You'd be suprised how often better energy rates come on to the market. We usually switch our clients' retailer every couple of months to cheaper rates (but compare rates every month). This also prevents retailers increasing their rates after switching electricity rates for you business.

Retailers are constantly changing their prices so to make sure you're never paying too much it's worth checking and updating as often as possible.

No! Unlike other comparison sites, Threadlet is not affiliated or paid by any retailers so you are getting the genuine best rates on the market when we compare and switch your retailer. Instead, we take a service fee each time we save you money so we're motivated to always find you more savings.

Energy Comparison/broker sites today have a revenue model that are misaligned with client's needs. That's why we started Threadlet.
We split the savings we find you so we're always motivated to get you the best prices, not the ones that pay a good commission.
We don't take commission from any retailers.

Threadlet will send you one simple invoice every month which will ensure your electricity supply and our monthly 'review and switch' service to maximise your savings and keep electricity costs as low as possible. You can choose a monthly invoice or automatic direct debit, which some retailers offer discounts for.

No, all the small business energy retailer plans and your Threadlet service plan are not lock in meaning you can get in contact with us at any time to stop the service and/or change retailer. If you want to switch to a retailer you prefer (even if they're not the cheapest), we can help you do that without being tied down. We prioritise flexibility for our customers so your specific needs are met and catered for.

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