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A way to use your franchise group buying power for energy.

Leverage group buying power from thousands of venues for better than market rates.

Our saving-split model with below market rates means you get a lower price than the best price found on the market, including the saving-split.

And the more that join, the better the prices become.

No admin or paperwork. Just stay on the lowest prices in the market automatically. And automatically avoid price changes.

Trusted by top  Franchise Owners brands nationwide.

Powering Efficiency, Maximising Savings


Energy Savings Achieved on Average


Number of Hospitality Venues Optimised


Average Annual Savings for Franchisees

Get better-than-market rates with group buying power

Get below market rates, inclusive of our saving split because of group buying power.

Automatically avoid price changes

We automatically switch Electricity, gas, LPG, and embedded networks any time we find or negotiate better prices.

Analytics on your energy spend

See your energy breakdown so you understand where to focus on reducing costs.

Continuous monitoring to stay in budget

See your energy breakdown so you can understand where the team needs to focus on reducing costs.


Streamlined Energy Management

  • Automate your tendering process so you can focus on more important work.
  • Consolidate your energy accounts across electricity, gas, LPG, and embedded networks while optimising for the best pricing possible in each region.
Cheaper Prices

Consolidate for Better Decisions and Reporting

  • All of your data in one place regardless of fuel type or location.
  • Breakdown the numbers any way you need so you know where to focus your energy.

Savings on Autopilot

  • Stay on the lowest prices monthly and automatically avoid increases.
  • Experience peace of mind with no out-of-pocket costs and automated switching.

Sound too good to be true?
Hear it from our happy customers.

Sound too good to be true? Hear it from our happy customers.

"Since Threadlet has started negotiating our energy and managing the accounts, there has been a serious weight off our shoulders."

Thomas Gunter

Senior Operations Manager at Betty's Burgers

Tailored for you

Franchisees and Brands in One Place

  • A simple energy solution to help your franchisees succeed.
  • Help HQ help you by them being across your energy spend and benchmarking it with the rest of the network.

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Have doubts? Find the clarity you need.

I already use a broker
  • Brokers get paid commissions from energy companies so they’ll recommend the plan with the best commission (for them). Our saving split model means our only goal is to save you as much money as possible every month.
  • Couple that with a dashboard to monitor all your electricity, gas, LPG, and embedded network sites, and you can have your finger on the pulse better than ever before.
I already keep my energy accounts with one retailer
  • Often energy companies have competitive rates in one area, but not in others. So if you move all your locations to one retailer some will be on low prices and some will be on bad prices.
  • Threadlet keeps every location at the cheapest prices by comparing every retailer's offer on the market. Then we simplify billing and comms so it’s just like having a single retailer with the best prices every month.
Will my current accounting/billing process change?
  • No, the process for billing is exactly the same as your existing retailer. We can also set you up on a single collective invoice, direct debit, or other options that suit you better.
I have large bills that are already in contract
  • The dashboard helps you compare usage and spending between all your sites, in one place. Zero manual data entry.
  • Contract expiries are stored and automatically flagged for tendering to avoid accounts defaulting to non-contract (30% higher) prices. Best of all this is all for free if we haven’t found you any savings.
Procurement already handles energy contracts
  • Threadlet is a tool that procurement managers can use to track energy costs and spending with zero manual data entry - we make your life easier.
  • And by automatically avoiding price changes we keep energy prices stable all year round. So procurement can focus on the most important jobs.
If I share the savings doesn’t this cost me more?
  • With our group buying power, we are often below market prices inclusive of our saving split. That way with us you’re always better off than managing it yourself.

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