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We're not a retailer, or a broker.
we're better.

We refuse to take commissions. Instead, our revenue comes from a portion of the savings we can make you, so our only goal is to maximise your savings.

Automated monthly rate reviews

We compare every offer and automatically switch you to the cheapest gas and electricity rates every month.

Threadlet Save - Set aside part of your savings

Set aside some of your savings to invest in profitable gas and electricity upgrades.

Threadlet Solar - Co-invest in a solar system with Threadlet

Invest solar on sites with the best return, on autopilot. We co-invest with you, so you know its a good investment.

Select the solutions that best suit your business.

Guaranteed savings. Zero cost.

Choose if you want to use your Threadlet savings to reinvest in products to save you more.

Save 5-20%

1. Switch

We automatically keep you on the cheapest gas and electricity rates every month.

How many sites do you have?


First year savings estimate:1

Save for more savings

2. Save

Put aside your Threadlet Switch savings to invest in energy upgrades, like solar and batteries.

What portion of your Switch savings would you like to put aside?


1based on an small business site - 40MWh/y

Get your bill toward zero

3. Invest

Co-invest in a solar system with Threadlet, even if you lease your property.

Threadlet will manage and maintain the solar system for you.

What portion of the solar system would you like to own?

Your share:

Threadlet's share:

% %

Leave the business case to us

We'll put together a business case for you. Because we're co-investing, we'll make sure it's a profitable investment for your business.


Saved toward your solar investment

21% p.a

Internal rate of return for your system


Payback Period

It's easy to see how much you can save. You choose which Threadlet products you'd like to use.

Own your solar

Your landlord's approval is no longer the challenge

You own your solar system and only transfer ownership to your landlord after you've made a return. It's a win-win for you and your landlord.

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