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Frequently Asked Questions

Threadlet is Australia's first solar option for commercial tenants. We believe every business should benefit from solar, regardless of whether they lease or own. We finance the solar system and setup an agreement between you and your landlord. They will receive the solar system after you've repayed it and renewed your lease, in exchange for protecting you from debt in case you vacate.

You will pay less than what you're spending on your electricity bill, that's our guarantee. We will calculate the payback period for you so you'll know exactly when you start benefitting fully from your system.

All you need to do is let us know, and we transfer the ownership of the system and outstanding repayments to your landlord, so you're not stuck with any debt.

You can always jump onto your account to track how much you're saving each month. And we'll also send you a monthly update to keep you in the loop.

A flat fee of $8/kW a month, plus the cost of the system, spread over 3-5 years. And you can choose to make repayments based on your solar savings to keep you cash flow positive.

Only once your system is installed and you start saving on your electricity. You can choose whether your repayments are cash flow positive (less than your monthly savings), or a flat repayment price.

Only until the system is paid off - generally 3-5 years. Once it is, you will start benefitting fully from your solar savings.

The contract to pay off the system is generally 3-5 years. If you vacate the property, we'll transfer the outstanding repayments to your landlord for you, so you only pay while you benefit from solar. Don't worry, we're here so you don't get stuck with any debt.

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